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Business Emergency Information

  1. To enable the Pelham Police and Fire Departments to serve your business in the most efficient manner, we ask that you provide us with the following information. Please note this information will be used for emergency purposes only and will not be given to the public.
  2. Do you have a burglary alarm?*
  3. Do you have a robbery alarm/panic button?*
  4. Do you have a fire alarm?*
  5. Do you have a fire sprinkler system?*
  6. Will your alarm(s) contact the Police/Fire Departments directly?*
  7. Will you be storing any materials that could possibly be a safety concern?*
  8. Please list below the individuals we should contact in case of an emergency involving your business. List them in the order they are to be called. In the ETA space, please indicate the approximate time it will take this person to arrive at the business from their home.
  9. Please feel free to contact either the Police or Fire Departments if you have questions or need to provide additional information.
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