Theft Prevention

Theft From Buildings

  • Office buildings should develop a comprehensive security policy involving all employees. The policy should include a prohibition against leaving expensive equipment, particularly laptop computers, unattended. Employees should be encouraged to question suspicious or unfamiliar people, or to report them to the security department.
  • Don't leave expensive personal property in health club lockers. A better solution is a fanny pack or other strap-on carrier that you can keep with you at all times.
  • Retail establishments should provide individual lockers, with locks, for employee property. Leaving it behind the counter or in a "back room" is an invitation for theft.
  • Take extreme care of your personal property while shopping and dining. Keep it in sight, and never leave it unattended, not even for a minute.
  • Report all thefts, no matter how minor, to the Police Department. Greater reporting will allow us to identify and attack patterns and series of crimes.

Thefts From Motor Vehicles

  • The best and only way to prevent thefts from motor vehicles is never to leave valuables in your car unattended - particularly electronic goods such as cellular phones and laptop computers. Preventing the theft of car radios is more difficult. Some car stereo manufacturers make detachable faceplates or stereos that pull easily from the dashboard, allowing you to take it with you or lock it in the trunk.