Commercial Robbery Prevention


  • Keep cash to a minimum with frequent, irregular deposits or a "drop safe". Use visible stickers or signs to advertise the cash control policy.
  • Install visible closed circuit television cameras near cash registers.
  • Keep the establishment well lit at night. Clear any obstructions that prevent someone on the street from seeing what is happening inside the store.
  • Designate a small bundle of cash "bait money". Record the serial numbers of these bills and make sure this cash is given to robbers.
  • During a robbery, remember that a robber is a bundle of nerves and therefore, is very dangerous. Instruct employees to obey a robber's instructions calmly and politely.
  • Have employees memorize a signal or "code" to alert each other to potential or actual robbers.
  • If robbed, try to memorize as much as possible about the robber's description, including his vehicle and his direction of flight.