"Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism" is the motto of the Pelham Police Department.


Honesty is defined as the quality or condition of being honest; truthfulness. By incorporating honesty into our motto, we are acknowledging the importance of establishing and maintaining credibility with those whom we serve. As much as partnerships serve as a cornerstone of community policing, honesty is the cornerstone of a healthy partnership.


Integrity is defined as adhering to your moral and ethical principles. In simpler terms, it means that your actions are synonymous with what you say and believe. To lack integrity is to be hypocritical. By having integrity as part of our motto, we vow to conduct ourselves in a manner that attests to our personal honor, virtue, and incorruptibility.


Professionalism is defined as being professional in character, spirit, and methods. It is embodying the high ideals held by the community, and using our professional expertise to reach and maintain the high standards rightfully placed upon us as a law enforcement agency. By including professionalism in our motto, we are pledging to provide exceptional customer service, follow through on our responsibilities even amidst adversity, and be cognizant not to allow prejudices to cloud our objectivity.