Webb Payroll Service

Effective June 8, 2015, your Direct Deposit Advices will no longer be printed. You will be able to access, view and print this information through a new online service at Sage Employee Self Service. This link will display the new Sage Employee Self Service screen for your log-in information.

You must first establish access to the data. Select the First Time User link to access the setup screen. You must enter your FIRST NAME (ALL CAPS), LAST NAME (ALL CAPS), just as it appears on your check. Enter your Date of Birth in the format of xx/xx/xxxx, then enter your Employee ID#. Select Save.

The next screen is to establish your log-on information. Select a User Name, Password and a Security Question. Select Log-On. The "HOME" page for your information will be displayed. Check History will appear on the right side dashboard. The left side dashboard will allow you to select other data to be viewed.

View Payroll History

You can select Payroll to view and print any check history. Use the "Preview" button to view the entire check.

Making Changes

Changes can be made to your address and with holdings, but will require action in HR to ensure the change is completed in the database. Select the W-4 and view. To make changes select the Edit button.


Year end W-2 forms are available for viewing and printing. These are for information or copy only and is not considered as an "original" as issued by the City of Pelham.

Future Changes

In the future we will add additional links for Local Government Health Insurance, Employees State Retirement Systems, Blue Cross Blue Shield, WageWorks (Flex) and others. We will also add common used forms, such as Direct Deposit Changes, address changes, etc.

If you have any questions or problems, please email.