Pelham’s central web-location for all information related to the COVID-19 event.

 **This page last updated 3/26/2020 @ 4:30pm pm CST**

Message from the Mayor Gary W. Waters

I would like to thank everyone for helping us to serve you better. I can tell by the low volume of traffic on the highway that many of you are making a genuine effort to stay at home. During this time of "Social Distancing" the safest place for you to be is at home. If you will stay at home, wash your hands and check on your neighbors, we will get through this thing. Keep up to date with our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. We will continue to push information out as it becomes available.

Ballantrae Golf Club205.620.4653Closed, including cart path
Building Department205.620.6411Closed to walk in business, but open to phone and online transactions 
Business License205.620.6480Closed to walk in business, but open to phone and online transactions 
City Hall205.620.6400Closed to walk in business, but open to phone transactions
Civic Complex & Ice Arena205.620.6448Closed
Fire Department205.620.6500Open and operational
Municipal Court205.620.6407Updated in person court proceedings 
Parks & Recreation205.620.6426Closed, all activities, events and programs are canceled
Police Department205.620.6550Open and operational
Racquet Club205.621.3380Closed
Recreation Center205.620.6426Closed, all activities, events and programs are canceled
Senior Center205.620.6064Closed, all activities, events and programs are canceled
Tennis Center205.620.6448Closed
social distancing

How You Can Support Local Business

The City of Pelham understands that the following weeks will be difficult for many of our local businesses and employees. We encourage citizens to continue to support Pelham’s local businesses.  Below are a few constructive ways to support our local and small businesses in this time.

  • Buy gift cards or certificates: A little here and there can hold small businesses over
  • Shop online: Check Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets for business websites or stores
  • Order takeout and/or use drive through and curbside pick-up options
  • Tip generously
  • If you are a business with employees working extended hours, consider bringing in meals from a Pelham restaurant.