Specialty Classes

  1. Aspire

The U.S. Figure Skating Aspire Program offers skaters on-ice technique classes, off-ice training, and parent education. The Pelham Aspire Academy Aspire Program is for skaters Basic 5 and up. Skaters will be divided into groups based on skill level. This safe, supportive group training environment keeps costs down and motivation high as skaters acquire new skills, develop good practice habits, and learn the fundamentals of training alongside their peers. It builds a solid foundation in figure skating through the development of athleticism and artistry, empowering skaters to be successful on and off the ice. Skaters who enter the program during a session will have their classes pro-rated. Classes will be divided into high and low levels. Skaters will receive 40 minutes of off-ice training and one hour of on-ice training.

Required for off-ice classes: 

  • Exercise mat
  • Tennis shoes
  • Skating pants or leggings

Classes taught by Aly McDougal and Brooklyn Bachman.

Days & Time

  • Tuesdays
  • 5 to 7 pm
  1. Dance
  1. Icemen
  1. Off-Ice Class for Figure Skaters (Pre-pre & Up)
  1. Summer Practice Exhibitions
  1. Synchronized Skating Teams