Public Service Information

Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention

Working in conjunction with the Alabama Fire Chief’s Turn Your Attention to Fire Prevention Campaign and in an effort to reduce the loss of life due to home fires, effective immediately the City of Pelham Fire Department will begin installing smoke detectors in residential structures within our city limits. The detectors were provided by the State of Alabama and the battery and detector are both good for 10 years.

Home owners are encouraged to check the age of their smoke detectors. Any detector older than 10 years needs to be replaced. Furthermore, residents should check their smoke detector on the first day of every month to insure they are in good working order.

Home owners will be provided up to 3 smoke detectors at no cost along with a home exit plan form to be completed with their family.

Residents of Pelham are asked to call 205-620-6500 to make an installation request. Detectors will be installed between the hours of 8:00 am and 6:00 pm Monday through Friday unless there is a request for a weekend installation.

The intent of this program is to save lives. Community Risk Reduction is something our department is very passionate about and we are simply doing our part to insure our citizens are safe in their own homes.” - Tim Honeycutt, Fire Chief

Smoke Detectors Save Lives

Properly installed and working smoke detectors save lives by alerting the occupant when a fire related emergency exists. Is your family/home protected? Have you changed your batteries? For information on selection and proper placement of smoke detectors or other fire prevention education information, email Justin Palmer or call him at 205-620-6430.

New Knox HomeBox® for Home Emergency Access

The Pelham Fire Department has established a new emergency access program supporting our homeowners in the community of Pelham, Alabama using the new Knox® Homebox™ Single Key Vault. This will provide the Fire Department a rapid access system to your home for an emergency without forcing entry.

Learn more about the Knox HomeBox or call 855-GET-KNOX 855-438-5669.